Privacy Policy


The goal of the Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg American High School Alumni Association is to use current technology to help our classmates and faculty keep in touch in a secured environment. By doing so, we avoid the cumbersome task of manually updating your information. We have created a password protected site which should keep those individuals from gaining access to your email id and sending spam. You must first register to gain access to the website. Once registered, you will have the capability to change your address, email id, photo, password, etc.


You don't like spam and neither do we. We will never sell or distribute any of your information. We will not use your data for any purpose other than to support the association activities. Information you provide will be available to the administrator of this site however you can limit access of your home address from being displayed to paid members. Your email id will be displayed to paid members only. Those who register, but are not a paid member, will still have the capability to send emails to classmates. You agree to hold no liability against the association and administrator in the unlikely event that one of your classmates uses your information for malicious purposes. By clicking on the "Accept" button below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the privacy policy for the Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg American High School Alumni Association website. 

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